The third edition of the Sir Mutha Model United Nations Conference was held on 19th November and 20th November 2020. It was held virtually on the Google Meet platform and a total of 105 delegates from 11 schools participated. The Sir Mutha Model United Nations Conference consisted of three engaging committees:

i. DISEC - Disarmament and International Security Committee
ii. UNHRC - United Nations Human Rights Council
iii. WHO - World Health Organisation

In the third edition of the Sir Mutha Model United Nations Conference, a junior committee for the sixth and seventh grade was introduced to provide a platform for younger students to voice out their opinions and help attain solutions to pressing global issues. Furthermore, it was an opportunity for younger students to learn and develop their speaking, debating and writing skills, along with critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities.

The success and participation in the junior committee was resounding. The students were truly ebullient and provided unique solutions to pivotal global concerns.

Additional training sessions were offered to students who wished to learn more about the functioning of the United Nations and the entailment of participation in Model United Nations Conferences.

The delegates exhibited extensive knowledge on the agendas and had two days of fruitful debate. The best delegation award was given to MCTM School.